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Speechless: The Real Silent Auction

Fort Vancouver Artillery Barracks

600 Hathaway Rd, Vancouver, WA 98661, USA

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Event Description

Dress up and come on down to the Fort Vancouver Artillery Barracks on Thursday June 15th to support a great cause! Beer and wine have been graciously donated so all sales will directly benefit The DeafVibe Foundation



                We are The DeafVibe Foundation and it is our mission to provide nationwide equal access and opportunity for all Deaf and hard of hearing (HoH) to post-secondary and vocational education. Visit our website here to discover more, or scroll down and read our “Why” section.


                We are hosting our annual fundraiser dinner and silent auction to raise funds for our free advocacy and support programs offered to the Deaf and HoH. Please come in good humor and willing to participate in a little Deaf experiment. In order for us to provide our support, we in turn need your support and the support of our local community.

When & Where:

                It’s Thursday May 18th, at the Fort Vancouver Artillery Barracks, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

                 Address listed below!(Or scroll to the very bottom for a Google Map!)

                                600 Hatheway Road

                                Vancouver WA, 98661



                Only 30-35% of the Deaf and HoH students enrolled in two or four-year degree or certificate programs, respectively, actually finish and graduate. This is influenced by a myriad of factors, most of which are related to sub-par communication access, and an institutions ignorance of the accommodations Deaf and HoH students are entitled to through the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Department of Education. Furthermore, a majority of Deaf and HoH individuals are unemployed, and many rely upon social welfare programs to live day to day. We strive to increase Deaf independance by encouraging and supporting them through their adult education/job training.


Myth: All Deaf people can read lips.

Fact: Actually, most Deaf people are unable to read lips. For those who can, only 30-40% of all spoken words are discernable, and that’s being generous!


Myth: Deaf people as a whole are still able to communicate fluidly with written English.

Fact: Actually, for many Deaf people English is learned as a second language, if not a third or fourth. English has a separate vocabulary, grammatical syntax, and culture from American Sign Language. People who can hear have a ginormous leg up as they can practice and learn through osmosis (just being around others who are speaking English).

How [Can I help?]:

                You can help by buying a ticket, coming to our event, and donating money either through our silent auction, the purchase of an alcoholic beverage, or both!

                If you’re interested in becoming more involved, would like to donate an auction item, volunteer, or just want to say “Hi” contact our Fundraising Director Ian Scott at:

Image result for The DeafVibe Foundation Logo

Some example auction items:

  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Portland Art Museum Tickets
  • Paintball Tickets
  • Gift Cards
  • Car Alignment
  • Themed Baskets
  • Flight Session
  • Dental Services Certificate
  • Tattoo Services
  • Framed Paintings and other artwork
  • And Much Much More!

Thank You!

We'd also like to take a moment to thank some fabulous members of our local community who are sponsoring or donating towards this event!

Listed in no specific order:
  • Hi 5 Access Interpreting Services
    • Clark Public Utilities
    • Forever Tattoo
    • Dentistry On The Heights, Greg Williams DMD
    • Columbia Tattoo & Piercing
    Map of Event Location
    Thursday, September 14th, 2017 7:00 pm –  9:00 pm